JIB Cranes

KaneXT jib cranes meet the most demanding material handling requirements. There are various jib crane models from which to choose : floor-mounted pillar types; top and bottom-supported units; wall or column-mounted version and models that afford manual or motorized rotation. Built to the highest industry standards. KaneXT jib cranes have earned a reputation for ruggedness and durability

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JIB Cranes Specification

Price: Start From 3 Lakh INR/Unit
Span: 2 mtrs. to 7 mtrs.
Safe Working Load: 250 kgs. to 5,000 kgs.
Crane Control:
From floor through Pendant Push Buttons, Optionally Through Radio Remote Control / cabin with master control.
Squirrel Cage & Slip Motors based on application requirements, built-in separator electrically operated fail to safe brakes for all three motions. Motors with ‘F’ class insulation provided in all motions.
Power Supply System:
To Hoist and Cross Travel through Trailing Cables / Drag Chain to Crane through Shrouded Bus Bars / Trailing Cable / MS Angle Iron Conductors / Bare Copper Conductors (depending on customer’s choice and application).
Drive System:
Accordance with IS : 3177 Structural Parts With IS : 807 and Other Miscellaneous Parts with IS : 3177, IS : 3938 and IS:4137
Selected depending on client specifications/application/ shed dimensions
Class of Duty/Standard:
Equivalent to M3, M5, M7, M8 as per IS:3177 / IS:807

What Are The Benefits Of JIB Cranes?

Jib cranes are used in almost all industries where cranes are required to lift heavy loads, not just in India but around the world. Jib crane manufacturers design cranes to meet the needs of various industries so that business owners can benefit from the cranes. The main reason jib cranes are so popular is that they are incredibly safe to use in the workplace, which makes it easier for employees to work safely and also increases productivity. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the benefits of jib cranes.

Employee, operator, and crane operator injuries tend to be all too common in warehouses nowadays, so it is crucial that, along with an experienced and skilled operator, the cranes utilized in the warehouse are safe. Jibe cranes are recognized for their ability to reduce the number of industrial injuries brought on by lifting and handling products and materials, and also for their safety. Workers are subjected to other injuries, sprains, and strains while lifting weights over twenty two kgs because of tripping, falling, and slipping, which jib cranes substantially minimize. The reduction of injuries to employees means a healthier and safer work environment which in turn boosts productivity.

Compared to other industrial cranes, jib cranes are lightweight and efficient, thus saving on space. The jib cranes are used mainly for work areas due to their compactness and efficiency, and no other cranes are utilized since they take up large areas of the work site. This method saves quite a bit of room. Other cranes tend to be larger and require a lot more room than others, so their deployment overcrowds the workplace. Overcrowding on the floor is one of the leading causes of injuries to floor staff, as it slows them down and puts a hold on their movements.

The design of jib cranes is rather simple and makes them easy to learn, even for someone who is new to the job. When employees are given a machine, they are trained on how the equipment functions and how it is used during a training session. Similarly, staffs find it extremely easy to learn the operations and operation of Jib cranes due to their basic design. The crew can also check each item with patience since there are fewer parts to inspect because of the fact that there are fewer parts in the crane’s construction.

The manufacturers of jib cranes are working hard to ensure that their cranes have the best design and highest performance. Jib cranes are designed to minimize injuries to workers, and that is why they are so carefully constructed with safety regulations in mind. Even when fewer parts are used in their construction, jib cranes can function at their best because fewer parts cause fewer problems.

JIB Cranes

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