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The company has expertise for manufacturing of cranes, hoist, chain pulley blocks and good lifts. Our strong engineering background of 18+ years is equally capable of manufacturing facility. Each cranes a creative solution to special handling problem. Whatever may be the type of industry or its unit load handling requirements, every possibility exists that Kanext has the most pertinent solution in the form of a suitable Hoist of crane.

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Crane Manufacturing

We do manufacture cranes as per the requirement of our customers. You can go through the wide range of our products available.

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Maintenance Service

We provide all kinds of maintenance services for all our manufactured products.

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Installation & Training

We provide installation and training services for all our products.

Our Vision:

“To set up standard delivery experience across all the services, ensuring we deliver customer delight in every interaction”

Our vision is to become a leader, customer satisfaction will be the objectives. Kanext sees itself as the leader of Industry, working towards continual improvement of technology and quality, being responsive to the customer’s needs and continuous learning the way of living.

Our Mission:

Clients growth is equality to our strength,” is a powerful statement that reflects KaneXT’s commitment to customer success. It means that KaneXT is not just focused on selling its products and services, but on helping its clients grow and succeed.

This motto is important because it aligns KaneXT’s goals with the goals of its clients. When KaneXT’s clients grow, KaneXT grows as well. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties are invested in each other’s success.

KaneXT’s motto is also important because it emphasizes the company’s focus on partnership. KaneXT sees itself as a partner to its clients, not just a supplier. This means that KaneXT is committed to working closely with its clients to understand their needs and develop solutions that help them achieve their goals.

KaneXT’s motto is a reflection of its values and its commitment to excellence. It is a statement that sets KaneXT apart from other companies in its industry and makes it a valuable partner for any business.

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