KaneXT flame proof hoists are manufactured in wide range like
lifting capacities between 250 kgs. to 25,000 kgs., lifting height
up to 50 mtrs., with various types of cross travel trolleys like
power travel type, hand geared travel, push pull trolley, flexible
trolley to negotiate even a small radius.

flame proof hoists



Class of Duty /Standards

IS : 3938 and IS : 2148

Safe Working Load

250 kgs. to
25,000 kgs.


KaneXT flame proof hoists are offered for gas group I, IIA and IIB
sutable for zone-1 and zone-2 areas whereas for gas group IIC
flame proof hoists are offered only for zone-2 areas.

KaneXT flame proof hoists are designed in modular construction
which greatly simplifies repairs and cuts down time. KaneXT flame
proof hoists are designed in accordance with IS-3938. All electrical
apparatus are housed in flame proof enclosures confirming to
IS - 2148 and mechanical components are designed so that there is
no ferrous metal to ferrous metal contact in order to avoid any
chance of sparkling. Hence KaneXT flame proof
hoists are flame proof as well as spark proof.


KaneXT Wire rope hoists are designed in modular construction which
greatly simplifies repairs & cuts down-time. The special features are low
head-room, spur/ helical gears running on antifriction ball bearings with
oil bath lubrication, motors confirming to IS 325, “fail to safe” breaks
which automatically operate in case of any power failure, tested wire
rope confirming to IS 2266, forged hooks conforming to IS 3815 and
push button stations operating at step down voltage of 110 V:42 V or 24V.

wire rope hoists



Safe Working Load

500 kgs. to
25,000 kgs.


Crane Control

From floor through Pendant Push Buttons, Optionally
Through Radio Remote Control.


Squirrel Cage & Slip Ring Motors based on application requirements, built-in separator electrically operated fail to safe brakes for all three motions.
Motors with ‘F’ class insulation provided in all motions.

Power Supply System

To Hoist and Cross Travel through Trailing Cables / Shrouded type DSL
System (depending on customer’s choice and application).

Drive System

Drive through Squirrel Cage Induction Geared Motors
with Built-in fail to safe brakes.


Selected depending on client specifications /applications / shed dimensions

Class of Duty / Standards
Equivalent to IS 3938



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