Flame Proof and Non Flame Proof types of goods lifts are suitable for wall type canopy as well as self-supporting
steel structure. KaneXT has unique arrangement of providing four “T” guides for balanced loading and guide
rollers for smooth and efficient drive. The goods lift is being operated by push button station fixed outside the
cage on respective floors.

flame proof



Floor Level

Ground level + 10

Pay Load Capacity

500 kgs. to 5,000 kgs.


The floor doors are provided with mechanical and
electrical locking arrangement. Hence unless floor door
is closed properly, lift cannot be started. additional
gravity limit switch is provided for extra safety. In case
of failure of over hoisting limit switch, power will be cut
off by gravity limit switch upon over traveling of the cage.

Every single rope is having rated capacity with min.
6 F.S. which in four fall construction will provide four
times the required F.S. Hence even in case of breakage
of 3 wire ropes out of 4. the cage will not fall. This is extra
safety over any other conventional similar type goods lift

The cage is made of rolled steel sections and sides are
covered with bumped sheets. Cage top is covered with
M.S. Sheets and bottom is covered with chequered plate
for antiskid property. Collapsible doors are provided on
cage as per entry and exit position. The cage is being
guided with rollers on “T” guide rail. Antifriction bearings
are provided for smooth and efficient traveling with low
friction and longer life.



Cage Hoist Arrangement

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