Container Handling RMG Gantry Crane2

Typical RMG Model Range

Hoisting capacity under spreader:

Gantry span:

Lifting Height:

Hoisting speed without rated load:

Hoisting speed with rated load :

rolley travel ( with or without load):

antry travel ( with or without laod):

35T / 40T

22 - 70 m

From 9.2 m for 1 over 2 Up to 26.9 for 1 over 8

40 m/min

30 m/min

30 m/min – 40 m/min

120 m/min – 130 m/min

Advantages of RMG for Yard Stacking:

Suitable for both port and rail terminals. Suitable for various yard space conditions. Increased yard capacity with wider and higher stack possibilities. Reduction in emissions and noise. Minimal maintenance. Electric supply for energy efficiency and reduced running cost.

Motors / Suppliers:

All drives are sized for maximum torque and power requirements. All major components are sourced from reputable manufacturers. The control system used has been specifically developed for container cranes by Kanext, which has resulted in a flexible, robust construction with exceptional reliability. The “plug-in” modular construction of the electronic equipment is designed to maximise crane availabe

Diagnostic and Managment System Summary of Main System Features:

General Control Overview.

“Crane ON” status.

Individual Drive ON screens (one for each drive).

Detailed drive data (motor current, voltage, speed).

Wind speed and history.

Spreader status.

Fault stack.

Load statistics.


Advantages by Design:

Minimal spreader positioning times.

No-sway in hoist, trolley and travel directions.


Anti-Sway System.

Lower energy consumption.

All electric spreader - Less maintenance.

Significant increase in productivity when compared with alternative designs.


Kanext designed and built.

logic control system.

Status of switchgear and external electrical components.

Stores faults.

User-friendly interface with easy to use colorful screens.

Independence of crane logic system, therefore does not interfere with crane control in the event of self failure.

Includes trending and tables for production data and drive data.

Container Handling RMG Gantry Crane2

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