Taking Difficult Decisions as Leader

Trust your capabilities

In professional life or personal life we all need to take difficult decisions, some chicken out and few people let the emotions take some irrational decisions. Decision making is a very tactful task as a leader as you are responsible for the entire team that you are lead, and hence it becomes more important that those decisions are taken keeping in mind the team in conjunction to business requirement.

Decision making needs some simple algorithms thought through. Your decisions are the next level of decisions to the business, where and how your team reflect about your decision making capabilities. As leader decision making becomes the most agonizing task!

Here are few simple steps that has worked for me and I believe should help all the leaders during taking those difficult decisions – I would also urge all the leaders who read this articles to please share their journey of this learning and suggest more!

  1. Evaluate your resources – You as a leader should know what you have at your perusal easily. Tangible and intangible resources, what you can build and how much can you afford to lose. Once you have a complete account of what your resources are and their capability are this will allow you to evaluate the situation better while taking a decision.
  2. Know the Pro’s and Con’s of your capabilities – Evaluate the worst case scenario know what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are so that when you take your decision, you have already evaluated the flip side of the coin. Be proactive in keeping a track of your capabilities.
  3. Simplify the problem – Do not over evaluate situation keep it simple. Simplify situation break it into pieces to try to solve each problem one by one. Do not try to evaluate the problem in whole. Resolve the quicker options first, take decision based on the size of the problem and not he problem in whole.
  4. Think before you react or decide – Stop for a moment, take time move out go out take a break before you finally decide. Do not just live by the moment and take the decision even if you have done the last 3 steps, wait for a moment. Give a second thought or just do not think relax and then take the decision after a moment. This moment you will realize will give you the inner feeling of if you decision is right or wrong!
  5. Do not fear the consequences own it – As a leader the most important part is to own your decision, whatever the consequence. Own what you have taken it may be wrong or right, important is it is your decision. Own in make your people believe in you! Do not run away saying I was just part of the process. A sign of leader is one who owns his decision when he takes them! Be the bearer of your crown…
  6. Trust your capabilities & your team – Have faith in your capabilities and have faith in your team. Do not shy away to ask help from your team and find out their understanding of your decision.

Effective decision making in stressful situation is an art that can be mastered easily. We need to learn to control our emotions think rationally and follow a way of working. Once we learn to step by resolve situation decision making becomes easier.


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